Humboldt aims to offer modern, integrated and scientifically-documented high-standard services in the field of Real Estate Development.

The reliable team of experienced and highly trained scientific associates allows the company to provide ad- vice and solutions not only at the initial stage of selecting the right property for the client but also during the implementation of the project in legal, banking and constructive way, satisfying the needs of its customers.

Services of Humboldt

• Defining acquisition criteria
• Product request
• Track initial bids and make decisions according to the goals
• Establishing a value and business plan
• Negotiation of the agreement in a contract or letter of intent
• Due diligence
• Achieving agreement

Humboldt provides consulting services for the acquisition of a permanent residence, Visa permit and Passport issuing through the acquisition of property in Greece and Cyprus, to buying candidates mainly from the People’s Republic of China.

Residence Permit in Greece by real estate acquisition Law 4251/2014

Why Choose Greece

GREECE is one of the safest countries in the Mediterranean region and has a strategic position which makes it gateway to European Union.

Legal Background

Law 4251/2014 of the Greek parliament offers residence permits and access to the Schengen zone to non-EU citizens and their family members who buy property in Greece, the value of which much be equal or exceed 250,000€. The purchase may be performed by an individual or a legal entity.

Greece offers the most competitive option among the EU and Schengen States for a fast and effective way to attain EU residency permanently. By investing 250,000 EUR (the lowest requirement available among EU and Schengen States) you will be able to gain an EU/Schengen permit moving freely among EU and Schengen countries.

This permit is a gateway to the whole of the EU and Schengen territories had you required so. An investment of 250,000 EUR will be enough for acquiring a nice apartment in any of the more elegant suburbs of Athens. Alternatively, you may get a nice home by the sea on one of Greece’s islands or on one of the areas adjacent to the Greek shoreline. There are also many areas around Athens that are located by the sea and within a few minutes drive from the center of Athens.

Key Facts – Advantages

• 250,000 EUR securing residence Permits for all Family Members.
• Travel throughout Schengen without any need for Visa.
• All family members including children up to 21, spouses and their parents.
• Permanent Residency from the first day of the application.
• No need to stay in Greece to retain the permit, only keep ownership.

Development of Tourist Units – Hotel Acquisition

Management & Organization

Humboldt undertakes Consulting Management and Organization of Hotels and Other Tourist Enterprises, in Greece and Cyprus, in order to increase revenues and reduce operating costs of the company concerned.

The increase in sales for each business presupposes the smooth and structured operation of the company, since through it the customer enjoys the services that have been communicated to him and which is the reason for the view that he will form and transmit to other potential customers.

In addition to this, Humboldt’s experienced team creates proposals for new products and services that change the course and evolution of the customer company to maximize the results.

Promotion of Hotel Sales

Humboldt operates as a complete Hotel Sales Department that either wants to support their existing sales team or does not have an organized sales department or is not represented in Athens by a partner.

Humboldt with professionalism and knowledge of the Greek and International markets, guarantees sales growth and gradual revenue growth for the hotel.

The savings for the hotel that chooses to cooperate with Humboldt can exceed 50%, since the company is exempt from office, fixed, wage, travel, and other expenses rewarding with low cost, an experienced and directly effective sales team for 12 months and not for 14!


Humboldt forms and highlights the identity of the business that is approaching it through integrated Marketing services.

Humboldt’s experienced team of colleagues, which is characterized by an understanding of today’s market needs, improves the image that the company is promoting and helps it develop the chances of attracting new customers through its smart projection.

Its collaboration with highly trained scientists enables it to carry out any project, from the initial stage of finding the appropriate Tourist Unit until the issuance of the Operation License and the EOT signal including all necessary studies (spatial, economic, topographical, environmental, etc.) for the implementation of the project.