HUMBOLDT as a Business Consultant undertakes both the elaboration of an integrated econometric study and the provision of consulting services in the framework of the grants provided by the respective Development Law, which is the basic financial instrument for the establishment, expansion and modernisation of enterprises.

The offered services of our Company are divided into three areas:

a. Update
b. Drafting – Study Deposit
c. Monitoring – Project Implementation

Within the framework of National and European Programs concerning the implementation of specific actions, in order to enhance the competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises, HUMBOLDT SA provides all necessary information to the prospective investor for the process of financing and project implementation as well as an assessment of the likelihood of approval depending on the type and location of the project.

HUMBOLDT SA as a Business Consultant provides Consulting Services to prospective or active entrepreneurs such as:

a. Reporting and analysis of the possibilities – procedures for financing specific actions and actions from National and European Programs

b. Comparisons and proposals of financial data with new investment objectives accompanied by market research

c. Documentary placements and studies with a timetable for implementation and development plans – business sustainability

d. Cash & Funds Flow Planning (Extrapolation)

e. Business Plans and Marketing Plans / Action Plans