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We are Business & Investment Consultants

Humboldt S.A. was established in 1995 with the main business of providing advisory services to potential or active entrepreneurs.

The up to date informing on the acting of the Greek and European markets combined with the experience and knowledge of the company’s executives in the investment and financial sector contributed catalytically to the shaping of business plans with parallel financial support through national and European programs.

At the same time Humboldt in the permanently changing sector of professional training and education, aiming at the support of enterprises of the private and public sector through various subsidized and self-financed programs for the training of their human potential.

Moreover Humboldt has increased it’s collaborations through the creation of a network of international partners in the frames of the following business fields:

  • Medical Cannabis: Monitoring the establishment and operation of the company under which all licences for production, distribution and commercial use of Medical Cannabis products will be issued.


  • Theme Park Development: Managing the steps to be followed as well as procedures to be completed for the project’s successful implementation.

As a result, today Humboldt possesses an important place in the field of Consultative Services and Technical Support towards Institutions/Organizations throughout Greece and abroad. The development and elaboration of studies, technical bulletins and proposals, as well as the accomplishment of consultative work in various Municipalities, Local Unions of Municipalities and any Ministry’s competent Authorities of Greece.

Capable and admirable collaborators of HUMBOLDT support the elaboration – exploitation of Studies and the execution of various consultative works. They draw up the corresponding financial/technical studies, the technical bulletins and the reports – justifications, for investment proposals that our clients, in particular enterprises and organizations from the private and wider public sector, submit for financing. They make sure that all necessary documents, elements and data that portray the objectives, the possibilities and perspectives of the investment’s success, are included. 

At the same time our Company, in the framework of the extension of business activities is moving forward in contracting of strategic collaborations and alliances with greek or foreign companies aiming at a qualitative upgrade and the enlargement of the range of our company’s offered Services.

HUMBOLDT has the executive potential and the required experience and know-how for the: 

  • composition, elaboration and implementation of Strategic Drawings and Business Plans
  • undertaking and management of the financial/ technical and other relevant studies required by the existing legislature, before and during the project’s implementation phase
  •  development of IT Systems and Telematic Applications, addressed to the Institutions of Local Government as well as to Enterprises – Organizations in the Private and wider Public Sector

The final aim of our company is the permanent briefing and consultative support of our customers by means of the latest technology applications and up to date valid information. 


Operating for over 25 years




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