Renewable energy sources


HUMBOLDT, with its long experience in business plan preparation and supply of a variety of consultancy services, undertakes the technical support of interested organizations – enterprises in relation to the licensing procedures for the production, installation and operation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Summarily, the licensing procedures for the production, installation and operation differ according to the installed wattage.

So, different steps need to be followed for the next categories:

1. HUMBOLDT in association with RES companies, has a long standing experience in business planning and corporate consulting, undertaking various development projects in different fields.

The expertise includes licensing procedures and technical support of business organizations interested in setting-up business activities in Greece and other EU countries, with particular interest in the licensing and installation of Renewable Energy Sources (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal).

During the years we have been liaising-associating with a number of contractors, engineers, operators, international equipment suppliers and investors etc, we are familiar with the licensing procedures and the institutional requirements, as well as the industry development, i.e demand changes, availability of production licenses, projects in operation, key players etc and also with the local development laws.

2. In the field of RES, Humboldt provides the following services:

a) Identify available energy plants already in operation or energy production licences either already issued or at an advanced stage of development. It is worth mentioning that due to institutional requirements, the increased demand and other factors the availability of already issued licenses is very scarce.

b) Identify suitable locations and undertake the full licensing procedure on your behalf. At this stage, this is probably the most effective way of entering the local scene, especially in the photovoltaic sector. Wind power licensing is also possible and areas of potential interest are also known to us, however the process, as you know, is lengthy.

c) Formulate a strategic co-operation with large local enterprise or major international player for co-development or co-investment. Important entities are already known to us that may be interested along these lines, especially in setting-up photovoltaic plants with production capacities in excess of 5MW per site. This industry sector is very vibrant at the moment and the next 4-8 months are critical for major players. Certain strategic co-operations with key players may also extend beyond Greece.

d) Identify already licensed projects that may be interested for a construction contractor and/or co-investors.

e) Explore opportunities for participation, acquisition or strategic co-operation with relevant entities, e.g energy trading.

f) Technical and Consulting support can be provided during the licensing procedure upon a provided Letter of Intent.

For specific Information concerning the Services to be provided from our Company, please contact us directly.