Pharmaceutical & Industrial Cannabis

Pharmaceutical Cannabis
Based on the draft Law “Provisions for the production of final products of Cannabis in Greece”, our Company undertakes all the necessary work – services for the preparation and submission of an investment proposal to the Competent Services of the Ministries involved for the issuance of required licenses in the field. of cultivation, production and marketing – distribution of medicinal Cannabis and in particular for the installation and operation of a Unit with all the necessary accompanying – auxiliary facilities. It also undertakes the monitoring of the progress of the investment project, the provision of financial and advisory services and, in the event of approval of the investment project grant, the supervision of the stages of implementation of the entire investment.

More specifically, the Company’s Services include the following:

  • Information on the current institutional framework for investment. Providing relevant information for the timely preparation of the business concerned. Support in discussions, negotiations, finding production sites, partners, suppliers, financial resources etc. 
  • Eligibility Check and Collection of Required Documents, Documents and Plans.
  • Preparation of an Integrated Investment File and the preparation of the Economic and Technical Study as well as the completion of all the required accompanying forms with the required supporting documents, for submission of the Investment Plan to the Competent Services of the Ministries for the Approval and Licensing of the Investment Property use. Support in the process of evaluating the application, in additional presentations, in the submission of objections etc.
  • Organize the actions that will be required in the context of submitting the Investment Plan File to the relevant Services of the Ministries involved for issuing the relevant licenses.
  • Support to the Investor during the construction phase, eg in the preparation and submission of planning permits, environmental studies, operating permits etc. to the Competent Services of the Ministries involved, supervision and support during the licensing process, in co-operation with licensors consultants, engineers, etc.
  • Provision of project management services at the project construction stage. Supervising the stages of implementation of the whole investment, coordinating the contractors and suppliers and informing the Investor.
  • Timely and up-to-date information on announcements, publications and any amendments in the context of relevant subsidised – funded investment actions of the EU – NSRF Program 2014-2020 as well as the respective Greek Investment – Incentives Law 4399/2016 and with respect to his later modification (Law 4635/2019).
  • Advisory support for the preparation and submission by the legal representatives of the concerned company of the required reports, tables, supporting documents, etc. to the relevant Services of the Ministries involved during the period from the start of the investment to the completion. In this context it is expressly agreed that there will be a close cooperation of the Company with the designated-authorized contractor & project manager and the financial services officer of the investment organisation, who are solely responsible for the compliance and full provision of technical and other information, supporting documents, plans, permits, instructions etc. they are required for the smooth and smooth implementation of the approved investment plan.
  • Providing financial and consulting services both during the preparation and construction phase and during the operation phase of the project.
Industrial Cannabis

Humboldt, following the signing of the Joint Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette B 929, 06 April 2016), which officially legalizes the cultivation of industrial or textile cannabis (Cannabis sativa L), undertakes in collaboration with its scientific associates the provision of advisory services on the development of projects concerning the cultivation of the above-mentioned cannabis.

Specifically, below you may find the three (3) alternative Proposals (A, B, C) of our clients for entering into Cooperation in case there is actual interest:

A. Cooperation on the main products, thus oil and flowers Cannabis articles with a significant profit/share. An off take agreement can be discussed, depending on the total volume needs.

B. Cooperation in Greece either by a JV or by entering straight to an Industrial Cannabis Production and Distribution Company (hereinafter CPDC):

• Shares to be discussed

• Cooperation from seed to shelve

• Each Team with its technology will help us to lower costs in time

• Ability for total absorption of the product with a relative contract (oil, flowers, powder, etc.)

• Provision of superior genetics seeds to the JV or to CPDC as a partner

• The seeds will be paid through JV or through CPDC

• Common responsibility on the cultivation process

• Distribution of the produced Cannabis subproducts

• Up to date marketing tools and common distribution strategy

C. Potential Cooperation with a distribution company for retail products abroad (i.e. USA). Exploitation of expertise for the establishment of retail networks

Upon your request our company can provide all necessary certificates along with the origin of the crop.