Theme park development

Humboldt has a long experience providing consulting services for Theme Park Investment Projects: 

According to the most recent amending Law and Ministerial Acts about “Special Forms of Tourism in Greece” including theme parks in the tourism business section, the steps that need to be followed for an investment project regarding the establishment and operation of a theme park in Greece, are as following:

  • Signing EPC Contract with a Company (max. 10% of the whole Investment Budget) as well as an Agreement with a Business Consultant Company that will take responsibility for the proper execution of the tasks which need to be carried out.
  • Purchase of necessary and appropriate land that will host the facilities of the park.
  • Investment plan and proposal submission in order for the project to be unanimously accepted and approved by all interested parties.
  • Estimation of the total costs regarding the representation of the mother company in Greece, such as expenses for the acquisition of all the necessary licenses, project surveillance fees, taxation fees, engineering-procurement-construction fees, etc.
  • Drawing up a prefeasibility study which will be submitted to the authorities in order for the project to be approved
  • Financial assurance of the amount which will be necessary for all necessary works at the beginning of the project. The amount must be available in advance for project’s initiation.


  • Issuing a Decision of Approval/License from the local archaeological authority.
  • Issuing a Decision of Approval/License concerning the Environmental Terms.
  • Land/plot suitability surveys’ Approval.
  • Land use Permits.
  • Building Permits.
  • Approval of the architectural plans/studies as well as the approval of surveys regarding the formation of open air areas.
  • Inspection of investment project’s maturity.
  • Providing of an Authorized License for Operation by EOT (Greek National Tourism Organization).
1. Preparation of a feasibility study in accordance with the requirements of the Incentives Law 4399/2016 and with respect to his later modification (Law 4635/2019); submission of the Study under the responsibility of the Consultant to the relevant Services
2. Support of Evaluation Procedures before all competent departments until final adoption and adoption of the Subordination Decision

3. Provision of Technical Support Services to the Project Manager throughout the implementation of the investment in order to cover the project’s costs

4. Preparation and support of grant control and disbursement procedures at 50% of the project (A ‘Audit) and 100% of the project (B’ Completion Audit)

5. Provision of advisory support services throughout the Project’s implementation in accordance with the specifications of the competent Ministries and their involved departments 

In case of interest, our financial department will guide you for the obtaining of Greek state subsidies or European Union grants.