In order for the expenditure included in the investment plans for the loans provided by the Recovery and Resilience Facility to be eligible, it must be carried out within Greek territory and concern:

  1. Land acquisition, Land use (depreciation/leases), Landscaping
  2. Building acquisition/construction, Building use (depreciation/leases)
  3. Equipmentacquisition/construction, Equipment use (depreciation/leases)
  4. Vehicles acquisition/construction, Vehicles use (depreciation/leases)
  5. Intangibles acquisition/creation, Intangibles use (depreciation/leases)
  6. Payroll concerning the business plan
  7. Travel / expenses
  8. Third party services
  9. Expendables
  10. Operational costs (communications, power, maintenance, leases, administrative expenses, insurance etc.)
  11. Equity costs
  12. Working capital 
  13. Marketing and promotion

The sum of the expense for working capital and for marketing and promotion cannot exceed 30% of the eligible expenditure of the investment plan.

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